About Aevum Therapy

Aevum Therapy is the most advanced topical skin product ever created!

Our Aevum RiboGold HempX anti-aging and therapeutic skin care products are CBD based super anti-oxidant and anti-bacterial topical preparations that feature gold nanoparticles (GNPs) functionalized with D-Ribose, peptides, and Kitosan.

Aevum Therapy spent over 7 years in development and emerged with the most advanced nanogold fabrication process possible.  This process is far more complex and superior to normal nanogold processes and far less expensive.

Our revolutionary new process allows us to manufacture the basis for all of our products, AUREGEN at a greatly reduced cost resulting in the most advanced nanoparticle product there is.  Now, everyone can enjoy the benefits of improved health that AEVUM Therapy affords them.


It’s a proprietary fine powder featuring particles comprised of gold nanoparticles wherein their surface is functionalized with collagen peptides or other diverse molecules.  AUREGEN is not just an analgesic, it works to remediate the underlying issues that are the source of aging and pain.

Cellular damage accumulation is one of the most accepted causes of aging and age related diseases. Damage accumulation is thought to be driven, among others, by oxidative stress and bacterial inflammation. This condition results in an excess attack of oxidants on biomolecules, which lead to damage accumulation over time and contribute to the functional involution of cells, tissues and organisms. If oxidative stress persists, cellular senescence is a likely outcome and an important hallmark of aging.  Scientific studies show that therapeutic skin care ingredients cannot efficiently cross the skin barrier unless they are functionally synthesized to gold nanoparticles. Aevum is the only product in the world that uses functionalized gold nanoparticle technology for skin care preparations.

Aevum Therapy is a super anti-oxidant and anti-bacterial formulation.

The GNPs in Aevum act like an armored transport vehicle loaded with a payload of D-Ribose, peptides, and chitosan.  GNPs, the most effective natural anti-oxidants available, cross the skin barrier and instantly begin using their electron arsenal to repair oxidative stress and bacterial caused inflammation. By enzymatic action, the GNPs then release its payload of D-Ribose, peptides, and Kitosan. D-Ribose crosses the cellular membrane and into the mitochondria to repair oxidative stress and repair and balance Andenosine Triphosphate (ATP), the bioenergetic compound required for the fundamental biological processes that make life possible.  During times of metabolic stress or disease, AEVUM can help restore normal, healthy levels of ATP required for the intricate biochemical and physiological processes that help maintain life.

Aevum with NanoGold Functionalized with D-Ribose can Improve heart health and eliminate chronic fatigue.

D-Ribose, a pentose sugar, is the only sugar used by the body to regulate the metabolism of nucleotides. D-Ribose is not used to fuel energy recycling like the so called “bad” sugars. It is not metabolized via glycolysis, the biochemical pathway in which “bad” sugar is converted into energy. Instead, it drives the process of energy recovery by actually making the ATP bioenergetic compounds and keeping them in the cell. Only Ribose performs this very vital cellular function.

Aevum is not a colloidal gold product

Our competitors' Colloidal gold products are a very low concentration (10 to 20 ppm) of gold nanoparticles suspended in a liquid solution. Because of their negative charge, they are of limited use in the body.

Aevum is not a gold salt

Gold salts are the oxidized form of gold. They are not a metal, are of limited use as an antioxidant, and are slightly cytotoxic in the body.

Based on scientific studies, gold nanoparticles perform the following duties within the body:

  • Recharges antioxidant vitamins with electrons to convert them from free radicals back to antioxidants.
  • Acts as an electron donor for sulfur to repair many intracellular antioxidant components.

The majority of the highly dangerous bacteria that afflict us are in the gram-negative category. Gram-negative bacteria has a certain body armor comprised of LPS (lipopolysaccharide) that makes it extremely tough. Some forms of this bacteria are now exhibiting “panresistance”—meaning, resistance to absolutely every antibiotic in existence.

Gram-negative bacteria resides in every part of our body.  Most chronic illnesses and pain are caused by this bacteria.  Research has shown that most medical scientists believe that a combination of oxidative stress and bacterial infection is the main contributing factor to disease and aging.

What about Collagen Peptides

Peptides are becoming one of the most popular ingredients in the skin care industry. Nearly every skin care company is rushing to release peptide based products. However, according to recent scientific studies, current peptide infused skin care products are not able to effectively cross the skin barrier because of their large size.

CBD Full Spectrum Hemp Oil Extract:

Humans have naturally occurring cannabinoids within their body that have been described as a “bridge between body and mind” and is potentially “the most important physiologic system involved in establishing and maintaining human health.” The body’s endocannabinoid system is composed of two receptors, CB1 and CB2. Research has proven that cannabidiol (CBD) has a strong impact on the endocannabinoid system through an interaction with the CB2 receptor. This helps to support the homeostasis of the body and its natural response to stress, anxiety, pain signaling, bone metabolism and more. 

The CBD in Aevum HempX is able to influence mind and body functions in order to promote health and homeostasis on a complete, whole-body level.

If you or someone you know is suffering from a physical condition like pain or inflammation, Aevum HempX is likely able to provide safe, effective, natural relief. 

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